Students learn best in schools where teaching and learning occur in the context of student welfare.


To support students with disabilities in accessing all aspects of schooling through the provision of necessary supports and adjustments.
To create a safe and caring learning environment for learning
To recognize the diversity of the school community and provide suitable programs and support.

Bailey on his bike

The participating schools in this project have found the following examples helpful in a range of students welfare issues. You may need to modify these documents to suit your particular child’s context.

We have found these examples of student profiles, summaries and questionnaires useful in obtaining relevant background information and assisting with determining students current and long term needs.

Determining and documenting individual health care needs is an important aspect of some students program. We have found these proformas very useful in providing relevant and accurate information.

Maintaining a consistent approach to various aspects of personal care such as feeding, positioning and manual handling are very important for our students. These practical proformas, we believe, will assist you in ensuring a consistency of approach and highlight relevant details for you to consider.

Developing relevant and meaningful communication for your students is an extremely important aspect of their daily life. We have included here some examples of proformas and charts that we have found useful in providing a structure you may wish to modify to meet your needs.